LATEST: US rapper GRAVY insists he had no idea he was seriously wounded after being shot in the buttocks outside New York City radio station HOT 97 last week (26APR06). The 28-year-old - real name JAMAL WOLLARD - reveals the bullet passed through his body, narrowly missing his stomach and pelvis bone, but he thought he had merely fallen over when he was hit. He tells, "I didn't think I was hit. I thought I tripped over something and bruised myself. It was a clean shot. "It went straight through and just missed my pelvis bone and my stomach area to make me have a s**tbag. It's all about luck, it was eleven rounds and I only took one hit." When Gravy arrived at the notorious radio station with a large entourage, he was told presenter FUNKMASTER FLEX wasn't ready yet, so he went to get some food. Unidentified assailants opened fire when he returned. He continues, "We went up (to Hot 97) forty-six deep, promoting, like you're supposed to do. He wasn't ready yet, but when he got there, he said to come back at ten or eleven. I went downstairs to grab a bite to eat. "(When the shots started) I started running like anyone else would do because I didn't know where they was coming from. Once I got hit, I fell, got back up and went inside the building." And Gravy carried out his interview with his injuries concealed from Hot 97 staff - and it was only after police arrived that he was taken to hospital. He says, "I'm up there not telling them what's going on. I sat there for about two hours and they didn't know what was going on. I hid it very well. "I didn't risk my life. I just didn't know how serious the hit was. I wasn't trying to involve Hot (97) or the streets to make it look like he's trying to come up. Something went down, it got ugly and that's my business, nobody else's." And Gravy has hit out at New York Police Department (NYPD) suggestions he has been uncooperative with their investigation in a bid to hide the identity of his attackers. He concludes, "I am not being uncooperative, I don't know who did it. I just know one thing. I got a lotta haters. I ain't gotta speak too much. The only way to stop me from shining is to kill me."