Actress Sherry Bronfman is fighting to clear her name after she was listed among a number of New York property tax delinquents.

The Shaft star, who was known by her maiden name of Sherry Brewer, claims she settled the debt of around $100,000 (£62,500) in full in person at the city's Department of Finance weeks ago, so she was surprised to find the state's latest records had not been updated to reflect the settlement.

The ex-wife of Seagram liquor heir Edgar Bronfman, Jr. tells the New York Post, "It's a pain. I can't even begin to tell you. This is so upsetting."

The actress admits trying to sort out the problem via telephone is a struggle: "You cannot call. It's impossible. The system is really messed up. It's a nightmare."

Bronfman's musician son Benjamin is the father of rapper M.I.A.'s little boy, Ikhyd.