Movie bosses are reportedly planning a second SHERLOCK HOLMES film - three months before the first instalment hits theatres.
Robert Downey Jr. stars as the legendary detective in Guy Ritchie's new movie, which is set for release in December (09). Brit actor Jude Law is taking on the role of Dr. Watson.
The film's epic trailer has received mixed reviews by critics - but movie chiefs are busily rounding up writers to draft a script for a follow-up to the Arthur Conan Doyle tale, according to Hollywood Reporter's RiskyBiz blog.
Law has already expressed his desire for the film to be turned into a movie franchise, so the cast can work on more detective stories: "We would love that the audience falls in love with it (the movie) as much as we have, as then we can (make) a whole bunch more."
Downey Jr. is also keen to star in a follow-up: "We definitely agreed to renegotiate for a part two. We feel really strongly about that. We might shoot the next one abroad."