Welsh pop singer SHAKIN' STEVENS has dismissed a photographer's lawsuit against him as nothing but a desperate bid for fame.
The 1980s star, real name Michael Barrett, is being sued for allegedly breaking Hugo MCNeice's camera by pushing his microphone stand into it while performing at the Tullyglass Hotel in County Antrim, Ireland last December (08).
The 61 year old is "100 per cent definitely sure" he didn't touch the snapper - and when he took the stand in court in County Antrim on Thursday (10Dec09) the Green Door hitmaker blasted MCNeice for using him to court fame.
When prosecutors asked if he was "annoyed" about the charge, Barrett told the court, "I am not annoyed, I am frustrated when you think that one man can cause this mess and cost thousands and thousands of pounds, and thinks it is all a big joke."
Barrett claims MCNeice gatecrashed the concert, where photos were banned, and so he lifted the microphone stand and waved it in his direction - but he denies he reacted in an "aggressive way".
Two members of his backing band testified they saw Barrett using the stand to block MCNeice's shots but said it did not make contact with him.
The case continues.