Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has defended his dance with a uniformed policewoman at a gala event in India over the weekend (09-10Aug14) following a backlash from politicians.

The actor showed off his moves onstage with the female officer at a police gala in Calcutta, India attended by a number of local authority leaders including West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Several Indian politicians were outraged by the performance, accusing the minister of undermining respect for the police by letting the dance go ahead.

Khan has now hit back at the reports, insisting the backlash is due to the dancer being female, not because she is a uniformed police officer.

He says, "It is strange, some years back when I was shooting for (film) Veer-Zaara, I had danced and had fun with the jawans (constables) who were in uniform... I had entertained them. In 60s-70s, actors and performers used to go on (the) border and dance and perform for them just to encourage as those were the times of war...

"I don't think it is about uniform, but just because it is a lady in uniform one should talk like this. So, it is a distinction being made between men and women which I think is completely rubbish and silly. I think it should not be talked about also."