A San Francisco television station canceled an interview with two authors of a book critical of television news after the station's news director decided that he was "not all that interested in a book that is going to be critical of what we do as a business." After word leaked out of the cancellation of the interview with former Los Angeles Times TV critic Howard Rosenberg and his co-author, Charles Feldman, about their book No Time to Think The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-hour News Cycle , KRON offered to reinvite the authors this weekend, but the two refused. The LAObserved.com blog published a copy of the message that Rosenberg sent to KRON news director Aaron Pero, in which he called the cancellation of the interview "unconscionable" and asked, "Do you really think [viewers'] trust in your station will crumble if they listen to some critical comments about the television news industry? If so, I would suggest strongly that the foundation upon which your station is built is a weak one."