SERENE BRANSON suffered from a "complex migraine" during her live report from the Grammy Awards on 13th February 2011, according to a top neurosurgeon.
SERENE BRANSON did not suffer from a stroke during her live broadcast at the 53rd Grammy Awards according to the Ucla Medical Centre's chief of Neurosurgery Dr Neil Martin. The doctor says that a "complex migraine" can explain the reporter's speech problems.Before introducing backstage action from the awards ceremony, Branson suddenly became tongue-tied live on air and her speech became incomprehensible. The Cbs 2 TV reporter began to look worried as she mumbled her way through the report and the station quickly cut away to footage of the ceremony. Speaking to Julie Chen on Thursday's episode of 'The Talk', Branson said she could feel that there was something wrong, adding, "I didn't feel well before that live shot. I had a headache. I was having some blurry vision and when I went to open my mouth, obviously you heard, the words were not coming out". The reporter revealed that she was trying to explain that country band Lady Antebellum had swept the Grammys but added, "the words were not there for me".
Despite initial reports that Branson had suffered from a mild stroke, Dr Neil Martin of the Ucla Medical Centre rubbished the speculation, instead saying that Branson had suffered a "complex migraine".