Serbia and Montenegro are battling over which tune should represent the federation at the Eurovision Song Contest in May (06). A televised concert on Saturday (11MAR06) to choose the best song resulted in Montenegrin boyband NO NAME being selected to represent the federation, over Serbian group FLAMINGOES. When No Name took to the stage after winning to perform the song, they were booed so heavily by the Serb audience, they left the studio without singing. Serbian music fans and critics have accused Montenegrin judges on the panel of tactical voting. Flamingoes band member MARINKO says, "(I'm) totally convinced that some ulterior motives are at play here, in this area where there is no room for such things." Following the media storm concerning the Eurovision choice on Sunday (12MAR06), former Prime Minister ZORAN ZIVKOVIC said, "(There is) much more excitement last night than the death of (former Yugoslav President) SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC."