Tragic DIANA, Princess Of Wales' death could have been avoided if security forces hadn't blocked her planned summer holiday to America, according to claims made by autobiographer ANDREW MORTON.

The princess was due to travel to the US to stay with billionaire "one-time boyfriend" TEDDY FORSTMANN in 1997, but intelligence agents ordered Diana to change her mind, fearing the visit would be too dangerous for her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

Instead Diana arranged to holiday with Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed, which ultimately led to her travelling with his son Dodi Fayed to Paris, where the pair died in a tunnel car crash on 31 August 1997.

And Morton - who makes his claims in new book DIANA: IN PURSUIT OF LOVE - is convinced this sudden intervention from security experts inadvertently resulted in her death, backing up Al Fayed's theories the couple were murdered in a plot involving British and US intelligence.

He writes, "Diana was looking forward to a week's holiday with the two young men who had never let her down and whom she loved unconditionally, William and Harry.

"In what turned out to be a tragic twist of fate, the security services - Forstmann's friends are not sure whether it was the American or the British side - vetoed Diana's holiday plans. They had doubts about the security surrounding the billionaire's hideaways or perhaps a possible threat from elsewhere.

"Ironically the decision by the security services, perhaps more than any of their perceived plotting in Paris, was what led to Diana being in Paris on 31 August."

25/06/2004 19:37