THE POLICE would have reunited and recorded new material in 1986 had drummer STEWART COPELAND avoided a fall from a horse during a polo game. The trio reformed earlier this year (07) and The Police are currently at the start of an extensive year-long reunion tour, but guitarist Andy Summers insists the wait needn't have been so long. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, the group was primed to record new tracks after reuniting for Amnesty International's Conspiracy of Hope Tour 11 years ago. Summers reveals a studio was booked for three weeks, but bandmates Sting and Copeland spent most of the time bickering about drum machines. He says, "If Stewart hadn't fallen from his bloody horse, we would have jammed and out of that may have come something new. "Instead, we had a Synclavier and a Fairlight (keyboards)... and a big fight over which was better. I played my guitar part on the first night. The other 20 days was those two arguing about the two machines." Sting insists the temperamental bandmates tried to rush the reunion: "It was too early." The trio is relieved there's no pressure on them to hit the studio again - their comeback plans are limited to a year of live shows. Copeland says, "If we were thinking, 'Gosh, I hope Sting writes an album and sticks around for another tour,' then we'd have to kiss his ass every day."