Rapper Sean '' Combs posted an emotional video on Instagram.com to show his despair after learning a police officer will not face trial over the death of African-American Eric Garner.

Garner died in July (14) after New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo apparently placed him in a chokehold during an arrest for illegally selling cigarettes.

On Wednesday (03Dec14), a grand jury ruled against indicting Pantaleo on criminal charges, 10 days after officials in Ferguson, Missouri declined to press charges against another officer, who fatally shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

A number of celebrities took to social media websites to express their outrage over the latest grand jury decision, including Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock, John Legend and actress Gabrielle Union.

Combs also posted a video showing him sitting in front of the camera looking visibly upset as he rubs his face and says, "This ain't right... this is not right. To continue to let this go on... it's enough, it's enough, man."

He added in the caption, "Honestly my emotions are all over the place. We as artists, myself included, all have to step up and be better leaders in our communities. It's a hard burden to bear, but we have been chosen whether we like it or not. We need to do whatever we can in a positive way, to help unite people of all colors in this injustice!... This has to stop and we as a people are the only ones that can stop it. I truly do not have the right to preach, but I do have the right to speak."

Thousands of activists took to the streets of New York on Wednesday to protest against the decision, including A Tribe Called Quest star Q-Tip.