TNA star Scott Steiner believes Hulk Hogan should never return to the wrestling business because he is a ''racist''.

The 54-year-old grappling legend has had a long-running feud with The Hulkster, worsened when Hogan's wife Jennifer accused Steiner of accosting her after she and him landed at a San Jose airport in March 2015 ahead of 'WWE WrestleMania 31', which took place in Santa Clara, California, and told her that he was coming for her husband when he touched down in the city.

Since that alleged incident, Hogan was fired from his role as an ambassador for WWE after a transcript from a sex tape recording - which was secretly made in 2007 when the 'Rocky III' star was suffering from depression - was leaked ahead of his trial against Gawker which revealed him using the 'N-word' during a conversation about his daughter Brooke Hogan's then-boyfriend.

There have been rumours that Hogan, 63, may soon be returning to work for WWE after he won his 2016 invasion of privacy lawsuit against Gawker for publishing a clip of the X-rated footage, but as far as Steiner is concerned the multi-time champion should stay away from the business because he's shown what sort of person he really is.

Steiner also mocked Hogan's testimony in his court case in which he had to confirm the true size of his penis.

In a media conference call to promote this weekend's 'TNA Slammiversary' event, BANG Showbiz asked if Hogan could redeem himself in the wrestling world, to which Steiner replied: ''That guy, Hogan, he's racist. All you've got to do is Google it and see him when he sat in the stand in court in a stupid ass bandanna, what sort of kangaroo court lets a guy testify in a bandanna? And then he talks about the size of his penis. It's hilarious, I don't have to say anything, he admitted it himself. I don't think anything about Hulk Hogan.''

Steiner also revealed that he never faced any charges from Hogan's police complaint over his alleged threat to his wife.

The peroxide blonde muscle man insists the only thing that came out of that unfortunate incident - which saw Steiner banned from attending that year's 'WWE Hall of Fame' ceremony at which his late friend Macho Man Randy Savage was being inducted - was that the world got to see what a ''coward'' Hogan truly is.

Steiner - who worked with Hogan in wrestling promotions WCW and TNA - explained: ''I had my lawyer call the police department because he tried to get me arrested for assault, that's a serious offence which can carry 15 or 20 years. Of course WWE takes the word of a racist, then put pictures of me everywhere to stop me from going to the Hall of Fame ceremony. But, no, nothing ever came of it, other than the fact Hogan showed everyone what a coward he really is. Luckily, it happened at an airport where they have lots of cameras so it was easy to prove my innocence.''

Steiner is set to bring controversy to the 15th annual 'TNA Slammiversary' wrestling event when teams up with Josh Mathews to take on Joseph Parks and Jeremy Borash in a tag team match.

'Slammiversary' can be watched for free and exclusively on Spike UK on Monday July 3 at 9pm.