Award-winning science fiction writer PHILIP JOSE FARMER has died, aged 91.
Farmer passed away on Wednesday (25Feb09) "peacefully in his sleep," according to a posting on his official website.
His first success initially shocked audiences in 1952, when the American author depicted humans having sex with aliens in his tale The Lovers.
The book became more widely accepted in the years after its release and won Farmer the title of "most promising new writer" at the 1953 Hugo Awards, which celebrates authors for outstanding contributions in the genres of science fiction and fantasy.
He won another Hugo for his 1967 novella Riders of the Purple Wage and again for his 1971 release To Your Scattered Bodies Go.
Farmer wrote over 75 books during his career, which have been translated into 22 languages and published in more than 40 countries.
He is survived by his wife, Bette, a son, Philip, his daughter, Kristen, and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.