Fall River, MA-based author Jonathan Womack has won the grand prize at the Hollywood Book Festival, which honors works worthy of further attention from the film, television and multimedia industries, for his metaphysical thriller A Cry for a Hero. Womack, who claims to have had out-of-body experiences -- and lectures about them -- tells the story of a superhero who is able to fight terrorists by transporting himself out of his body and into their strongholds. The award, accompanied by a $1,500 prize, was presented Saturday night at a ceremony in Hollywood. Additional awards for non-fiction, children's, general fiction, spiritual, and biographical works were also presented. (Full disclosure: Deadly Times: The 1910 Bombing of the Los Angeles Times and America's Forgotten Decade of Terror, written by Lew Irwin, editor of Studio Briefing, was the winner in the non-fiction category.)