Scarlett Johannson has developed a fondness for one of Britain's toughest cities after spending a miserable, cold winter in Glasgow, Scotland filming Under The Skin.

The Lost in Translation star admits she fell in love with Glaswegians and their cosy pubs during the time she spent in the city.

She tells Malibu magazine, "Glasgow itself is a really warm city. The people are very inviting, and I think Scots in general have a reputation for being jolly and inclusive. I felt like I fit in there - maybe because we shot the film during winter and every place we went was cosy.

"The city is built to be cosy, because it's rainy all the time there."

But the actress fears she couldn't spend too much time there - because she cannot drink like the Glaswegians: "Luckily, we had that early call time (on set)... which kept my liver functioning. You have to be careful. They take their drinking pretty seriously over there."