Savannah Miller is excited she can make ''affordable'' clothing.

The designer recently launched her own label, Savannah, after parting ways with actress sister Sienna Miller and their Twenty8Twelve brand and says she is enjoying creating outfits that are accessible to more people.

She said: ''It's so exciting to be able to make clothes that are affordable.

''I'd never make a coat for more than £200. Yes, we have to compromise on fabrics, but we get the best that we can for our price point. The most expensive piece in the collection is less than 110 quid; this blouse is just £65.''

Savannah says her spring/summer collection was inspired by the 70s, with boho lace dresses and vests, flared jeans with plaits at the waist, floral print kimonos, polite tea dresses, swimwear, sandals, boots and platforms all featuring.

She told WWD: ''I was looking though Vogues from the Seventies. I spent about two days in the library at Vogue House going through the archives.''