Savannah Miller says she is no longer hiding behind her more famous sister, Sienna.

The designer has launched her own eponymous label Savannah - her first solo project since she departed Twenty8Twelve in January where she was co-creative director with her actress sibling - and she is excited about working solo.

Savannah told ''I've been hiding behind my sister for long enough. It was really time to stand on my own two feet.

''This is so different, this is really me. No big team, just the two of us (head of design Gudrun Kloepsch) sitting down together.

''I am just so excited to have my own label - I can't quite believe it.''

Savannah says one of the benefits of having her label means she can work while still being able to take care of her children.

She said: ''That's always how I've done it. It's really important for me to be able to pick my kids up from school at least two nights a week. I'm a mother first.''