Savannah Chrisley has split from Blaire Hanks.

The 'Chrisley Knows Best' star is devastated that her two-year relationship with her ''first true love'' has come to an end, and shared the news in a tearful Facebook Live video with her fans.

In the clip, she said: ''All of you guys are so invested in my family and our lives and I feel like when we signed up for the show, we gave you a promise to show you our lives and to be as honest as we can about it and that's just what I'm trying to do now.

''So to cut to the point...Blaire and I are no longer dating.

''It hurts, it does because for me he was that definition of just my first true love and I'm trying to stay strong y'all.''

But the 19-year-old beauty queen urged her fans not to ''send negative vibes'' to Blaire as it is no one's fault their relationship ended.

She said: ''I hope that you will please do me a favour and don't send negative vibes to him. He doesn't deserve that. We are young. We had our young love.

''It wasn't my fault. It wasn't his fault. There were faults on both sides.''

And Savannah will always be grateful to have had their time together.

She said: ''I will always love him and it just is what it is. I am so grateful that God has let me experience this kind of love.''

Earlier this month, Savannah was involved in a horrifying car accident that left her with broken vertebrae.

And the teenage star felt the crash was a wake-up call from God and has vowed to reassess her priorities.

She previously said: ''The next month or so I will be recovering from a broken vertebrae which has caused numbness in my hands and fingers and pain all throughout my neck, back, and shoulders. While recovering physically I'm going to take time to recover spiritually and mentally as well. I want to be the best version of myself possible and that will happen.

''We all make mistakes...all that matters is how we learn and grow from them. I truly believe that God has used this situation to open my eyes to what is truly important in life and to put my focus back on Him in order to live the right life and be unbelievably happy. ''