Sara Sampaio wears ''so much'' highlighter she thinks she could be seen from space.

The 26-year-old model's ''favourite part'' of applying make-up is when she gets to put the illuminating product on her face, and the star has joked she puts a number of layers on that she believes her glowing skin could be seen from outer space.

Speaking in a beauty tutorial published on, the Victoria's Secret Angel said: '' Hi guys I'm Sara Sampaio

''I'm about to show you my everyday look.

''We'll go to my favourite part of the make-up ... the highlighter. I literally put on so much of it that you could see me from space.''

But before the star gets started with her beauty routine she carries out a thorough skincare regime, which sees her rub Shiseido moisturiser and toner as well as a serum to her skin.

She explained: ''First thing I like to do before putting make-up [on] is moisturising my skin. And I start with Shiseido, this is like a softener. Now I do a serum and I love this Hydra Beauty from Chanel, it just feels like putting water on your skin.

''And then I'll do the moisturiser.''

Even though Sara does not ''like'' to smother her face in foundation, she does apply a touchof tinted moisturiser.

She continued: ''I don't really like to wear foundation but I love this Nars tinted moisturizer. Now I use a concealer. Now that the skin is all the same colour time for the brows. I usually this Chanel one.''

The catwalk icon will continue her make-up session by filling in the ''gaps'' in her eyebrows, before applying eyeshadow to her lids, followed by a sweep of mascara.

She said: ''You see I have a lot of gaps on my end.

''This palette is from Charlotte Tilbury, so i used the same brush for all of them because I can. I'm lazy. I start with the one, it's kind of like a really nice shimmer. And I'll just put it everywhere. I'll put the number two now and then I'll finish with the three. The three is more to give a shape.

''Lashes this is my favourite thing I use, the eyelash curler from Shiseido. Mascara, girl's best friend.''

Sara puts a dusting of MAC powder on her cheeks to accentuate her bone structure, then adds a touch of lipstick, before finishing with a setting powder.

She concluded: ''Now, I'm going to do a little bit of contouring. I like to add a little bit of MAC powder, it's kind of a little bit dark.

''For my lips, I love this Victoria's Secret Adore, and this is my favourite colour for the day. It's a bit lighter than my own lip colour. It's a really nice colour.

''And to finish I use a Laura Mercier, that white one. You can't put too much because it's one of those when the flash hits it just goes white and you don't want that.''