Sara Sampaio has struggled to stay in her ''best shape''.

The 25-year-old supermodel - who made her catwalk debut of the lingerie giant Victoria's Secret in 2013 - has admitted modelling for the underwear brand has been the ''highlight'' of her year, she was surprised to learn how demanding it is to be a Victoria's Secret Angel and maintain her slender frame for the bikini clad fashion shows.

The brunette beauty said: ''When I started modelling I didn't know anything about fashion, but I'd watched the Victoria's Secret Show.

''Now it's the highlight of my year, but I never realized it would be so much work and how tough it is to stay in your best shape.''

And the catwalk icon has revealed the fashion industry and starring in campaigns for the popular fashion house is not as glamorous as it appears.

She explained: ''It's not as glam as it looks!''

Sara - who began modelling at the young age of 15 - has admitted the modelling industry has taught her to work with her body by striking certain poses to show off the best parts of her frame, although she claims her appearance in adverts is not the same as how she truly looks in ''real life''.

She said: ''People need to realize that models get [professional] hair and makeup, incredible lighting, and we know how to pose. ''I've been doing this job for almost 10 years so I know how my body looks good from different angles. But I don't look like that in real life.''

The Portuguese star - who won the Best Female Model at the Portuguese Golden Globes Fashion Awards this year - has revealed she can feel insecure about her body.

She told Net-A-Porter's The Edit: ''I'm like every other girl; there are things I wish I could change about my body, but I try not to think about them too much.''