Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt has lost an appeal calling for a review of his looming prison sentence for firearms offences.

The actor was convicted in 2007 for purchasing weapons from bombers responsible for the 1993 terrorist blasts in Mumbai, India, and was ordered to serve six years behind bars.

He challenged the ruling, only for judges at India's Supreme Court to uphold the decision in March (13), although they reduced his term to five years.

Dutt has been rushing to complete his current movie projects before he has to report to prison, and his lawyers made one more attempt to appeal the case by asking for a complete review of the original 2007 punishment.

However, the same judges rejected the request and the 53 year old must now turn himself in to authorities on 16 May (13).

The prison deadline was previously set for April (13), but Dutt was granted a reprieve to allow him extra time to wrap up his films.