Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt surrendered to police on Thursday (16May13) to begin a prison term for illegal weapons possession.

The 53-year-old actor was accompanied by his family and friends as he headed to a court in Mumbai, India to give himself up, but his arrival caused chaos among the waiting press photographers, who swarmed his car as he pulled up to the venue, prompting police to intervene to allow Dutt to climb out of the vehicle.

He was subsequently transferred to a local detention centre, where he will serve the remainder of a five-year sentence after a judge upheld his 2006 conviction in March (13) for purchasing guns from bombers responsible for the 1993 terrorist blasts in Mumbai. Dutt had previously spent 18 months behind bars before being released to appeal his case.

His filmmaker pal Mahesh Bhatt reveals the star had been "crumbling" on Wednesday night (15May13) as he prepared to face up to his punishment, but had regained his strength by Thursday as he turned himself in to authorities, reports Afp.

He says, "There was a new resolve in him to face with dignity the sentence and go through it smiling, and that was a relief to everybody around."