Actor Samuel L. Jackson tussled with violent soccer hooligans during a trip to the U.K.

The Pulp Fiction star was travelling on a train with a pal when a group of hooligans boarded and began to attack a rival supporter in the carriage.

They then rounded on the actor and his friend, but backed off when they realised the men were not fans of soccer. However, Jackson waded into the brawl anyway.

He tells ShortList magazine, "Me and my friend were on the train. Just two black guys sitting there, next to this drunk guy. These other guys get on and I guess the drunk guy must have had the wrong colour scarf because they grab him and start kicking his a**.

"Then they looked at me and my friend, like, 'You don't like it? We'll f**k you up, too!' My friend's like, 'Man, we're from New York.' And they go, 'Oh - you're Americans? We're sorry, we're sorry.' It was all about football, see, and we didn't have any team allegiance. We did punch three or four of them, though."