Rapper SAIGON has quit his fledgling career in hip-hop - because he is angry at the "fake" music industry. The up-and-coming star has long been tipped for success by his peers, but the lyricist - real name Brian Carenard - has seen his debut album The Greatest Story Never Told pushed back numerous times since its original release date of 2005. It was finally due to be released by Atlantic Records in 2008. But the 30-year-old rapper announced his retirement on Monday (19Nov07) with a post on his MySpace.com blog, slamming the nature of the hip-hop industry and the media. And he confesses the only thing he is worried about is breaking the news to producer and mentor, Just Blaze. Writing on the social networking site, he says: "I've realized now that so many people have gotten into hip-hop, whether the business aspect or otherwise, it's not really for me anymore. "F**k this bum ass rap game anyway. It's full of fake ass n**gers who pump poison to the kids, make a few dollars and act like they're larger then life when they know their music is detrimental to their f**king communities... This s**t is sickening... I'm done... SAIGON IS DEAD... "Should I say I'll slap a rapper, so (the media can) run and put it in all their news section and gossip columns? Okay, 'I'll slap the s**t outta EVERY Rapper.' How's that? I QUIT, now I gotta figure out how I'm gonna break this to Just Blaze..."