LATEST: Hip-hop star SAIGON was deliberately targetted by New York police following his arrest for possession of an offensive weapon, according to the star's attorney. Scott Leemon believes the rapper - real name Brian Carenard - was a target of the New York Police Department's 'infamous Hip-Hop Squad'. Carenard was arrested and charged after he was caught carrying a knife in Manhattan on Wednesday (22Aug07) and was later released on $1,500 (GBP7,500) bail. He is due to appear in court on 5 December. Leemon says, "This is another example of New York's finest targeting a member of the rap and entertainment industry. "The car that Saigon was driving was not owned by him. More importantly, the small pocket knife was found in a console in the car, not on his possession. "I am hoping after further investigation this will be another example of a rapper being wrongfully arrested."