A showdown between the Screen Actors Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers appeared inevitable over the weekend as the latest talks under the aegis of a federal mediator proved to be unproductive. Following the talks union leaders announced that they would "now launch a full-scale education campaign in support of a strike authorization referendum." Seventy-five percent of voting members of the union would have to approve strike action. The leaders said that it was now "time for SAG members to stand united and empower the national negotiating committee to bargain with the strength of a possible work stoppage behind them." For their part, the producers said, "SAG is the only major Hollywood guild that has failed to negotiate a labor deal in 2008. Now, SAG is bizarrely asking its members to bail out the failed negotiating strategy with a strike vote -- at a time of historic economic crisis. The tone-deafness of SAG is stunning."