Upping the intensity of the jurisdictional dispute over cable dramatic shows, AFTRA President Roberta Reardon has fired back at SAG President Doug Allen, who on Tuesday accused AFTRA of signing contracts with producers of the cable shows that were "advantageous" to the producers. Reardon accused Allen and other SAG leaders of fear mongering and suggested the attack was part of an effort by SAG to take control of AFTRA. "There is another thinly veiled campaign supported by some SAG paid staff and others to raid another union -- the cardinal sin of treachery within the labor movement," Reardon said. Meanwhile, Daily Variety reported today (Thursday) that Allen's letter has also reopened a rift between the Hollywood branch of SAG and the New York and regional branches of the guild, who have sent him letters calling his message "inflammatory" and "misleading" and complaining that they were not consulted before it was issued.