Saara Aalto thinks being a homosexual woman is ''easier'' for her because she doesn't fit the stereotype.

The pop star - who is engaged to her talent manager partner Meri Sopanen - explained that being a gay woman throughout her career has brought ''new opportunities'' and opened new doors for her.

She said: ''It hasn't done anything bad. I thought it would but it has brought me new things, new opportunities. Everybody keeps saying pop culture is all about being sexy, but because I'm a lesbian I think people are a bit careful about it. They're not like, 'You have to be a seductive woman'. And it easier for me because of my looks, definitely. For Meri, media has been ok, but people write very nasty things online. It's easier for homophobic people to accept me, because I don't look scary to them.''

The 'Wild Wild Wonderland' singer - who shot to fame after becoming a finalist on 'The X Factor' in 2016 - recently teamed up with the British transgender youth charity, Mermaids, to create a short film telling her own LGBT journey, and the star insisted that she wants to ''raise awareness''

She added: ''I have transgender friends and it's hard for them. In Finland, we are now battling for trans rights. You still have to be sterilised if you transition. Hopefully this video can raise awareness.''

The 'Dancing On Ice' finalist also confessed that she does eventually want children with Meri because she would be the ''best mum'' and the pair both have their different personalities, which is an advantage.

Saara admitted to Diva magazine: ''We love children, but it's so hard when we're working. She [Meri] would be the best mum. Meri's the tomboy and I'm the feminine one, but I actually have that 'masculine' business, work mindset and Meri's more mothering. People are like, 'Is Meri the man of the family?' And I'm like 'No!' But people would always assume.''