S Club 3's comeback single was intended for the entire group to release.

Jo O'Meara, Bradley McIntosh and Tina Barrett have joined forces without the former members of S Club 7, which included Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Rachel Stevens and Hannah Spearitt, and the trio have revealed their latest single 'Family' was penned ''a couple years ago'' for the entire seven-piece group to sing after their 2015 reunion.

Jo explained: ''We actually recorded this song a couple years ago and it was originally meant for the seven of us after we'd done the tour.

''People weren't really ready at that particular time and then the song had just been sitting there. The fans had wanted something new for so long and they've been so good to us for so long and so loyal.

''I think sometimes when something has been really special and it was a reunion tour, it's best to leave it short and sweet.''

And since releasing the single the threesome have only received support from Hannah, who wished them ''all the best'' with their future singing careers over social media.

Tina, 41, said: ''She's such a sweetheart, she tweeted us to wish us all the best.''

Jo thinks it is a ''good thing'' a few of the 'Reach' hitmakers are re-grouping and returning to the entertainment business because she thinks they are ''mature and tolerant'' and will ''appreciate'' their career ''more'' than they did when they first broke into the industry with their debut single 'Bring It All Back' in 1999.

Jo told The Sun Online: ''We are definitely older - I think it's quite a good thing because we are more mature and tolerant. Also, we just appreciate it more.''

Tina added: ''I think it's a good thing and it's great that everyone loves that era so much. I actually appreciate the music so much more now than I did then.''