Ryan O'Neal regrets blaming the mothers of his kids for their drug problems, insisting the off-hand remark was "unfair".
O'Neal's sons Griffin and Redmond are currently incarcerated in jail and rehab for drug-related issues, while the actor's daughter Tatum has battled drug abuse for years.
The Love Story star recently blamed the children's mothers Joanna Cook-Moore and Farrah Fawcett for their woes, but during an appearance on Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday (02May12), he accepted the full brunt of the blame.
He said, "That was unfair of me. I'll take credit for it all... I'm the father.
"I take the full responsibility for as much of it as I can. Some of this they were able to do on their own."
Earlier this week (begs30Apr12), O'Neal confessed to being a bad dad, admitting he could have done better when his kids were growing up.
During an interview on U.S. breakfast show Today on Tuesday (01May12), the actor said, "I wasn't trained."