RUN-DMC star REVEREND RUN decided to take a more religious path, after he achieved his dream of eating French toast while smoking marijuana in a bathtub.

The rapper, real name JOSEPH SIMMONS, made the his transformation from player to minister over a decade ago - and it was all thanks to a night of indulgence.

He says, "When I was a kid, I dreamed about smokin' weed, eating French toast, sitting in the tub and having a Rolls-Royce. Then I was number one on the charts! I was Run. I was invincible.

"One day, I was in the presidential suite at a hotel. My Rolls Royce was parked outside. I was literally in the Jacuzzi eating French toast. Syrup was falling into the tub. I was smokin' weed, ashes were falling, and there was a girl on the way to the room. I had everything at once. That was a very unholy moment.

"That's when my quest to become a reverend began. I've been a reverend with the nondenominational church Zoe Ministries for over 10 years and I live by miracles... There are no old-school rappers like Run. It's a total miracle that I'm not flat broke and a loser."