THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN star Paul Rudd is thrilled to be working onstage with Julia Roberts, even though the experience initially terrified him. The actors are currently starring in the Broadway, New York play THREE DAYS OF RAIN, which is sold out for much of its three-month run. Rudd recalls the first performance on 28 March (06) was "daunting" and likens the pressure to having "1,200 people watch you bathe." He explains, "There's such an awareness and people are watching especially closely because of her. "I love the play and love to perform it, but it's nerve-wracking." Although Rudd struggled with stage fright, he is delighted the project gave him the chance to work with his new co-star. He adds, "She's amazing. She's quite content with her life and who she is. Who knew she was this cool?"