The elder members of Britain's Royal Family allegedly forced DIANA, Princess Of Wales to put her youngest son Prince Harry through a paternity test, after hearing rumours her former lover JAMES HEWITT was his father.

The late royal and former army officer had a secret five-year affair while the Princess was still married to Prince Charles, although Hewitt has always insisted their romantic relationship began in 1985 - the year after Harry was born.

After the Princess admitted her affair during an interview on British documentary show PANAROMA in 1995, the heads of Buckingham Palace were concerned over Harry's true parentage, claims Diana's friend and clairvoyant SIMONE SIMMONS.

In Simmons' forthcoming book DIANA: THE LAST WOOD, she writes, "She took it (the rumours) very seriously. She said, 'If people worked the dates out properly they would see that it's nothing to do with Hewitt.

"'It's pretty obvious he's a Windsor. In colouring, he's a Spencer (Diana's family), but he has Charles' eyes.'"

Simmons alleges Diana was told to put her sons Harry and Prince William through blood tests in a vicious anonymous letter.

Simmons adds, "She did not tell the kids why they were being blood tested. She phoned up the doctor to come to Kensington Palace.

"Someone, somewhere has got that letter."

29/06/2005 03:05