Royal Blood would never add another band member.

The rock duo - featuring singer and bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher - have insisted they have no desire to change their unconventional band set-up to add a guitarist or other musicians because it would mean they'd lose their on-stage chemistry.

Mike said: ''What have guitarists ever done for us?

''We didn't want anyone else in the band.

''There was no one else that would really fit in. We could play these same songs we have with more members, and it would be a similar band, but you'd miss out on some of the ways we connect, our chemistry.''

The 25-year-old musician continued to say he create the band in a way which meant it would be possible for it to only have two members, because he knew band life ''isn't easy'' so wanted to keep on making music only with his friend, Ben.

Speaking to Mojo magazine, he added: ''The way I managed to engineer the sound was a free pass for it to be just me and Ben. Being in a band isn't easy. You can't build it on distortion sound alone.''

The pair are now working on their second album having released their eponymous debut chart-topping record last August, but insist it will be a while before it is released because it is nowhere near being complete.

When asked how far along the album is, Mike recently said: ''It's hard to say. No song just gets written and completed in one session. Things start emerging out of the ground and we have to prune things and find the fruits among the forest.''