Rossella Jardini designs clothes which make women ''feel strong.''

The creative director of Moschino has managed to evolve her style throughout the years by using personal experiences to help inspire her collections, and aims to create clothes which are both comfortable yet empowering for women.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''You have to feel strong as well as comfortable. Don't let yourself fade away. That's why we never make clothes that push in just one direction.

''The more you live the more you see, so after a while in life you have an aesthetic that becomes developed and diverse and varied - there's nothing wrong with trying to fit everything together. Women are transformable according to their own will.''

Rossella never takes advice from her husband as she doesn't think men know much about style.

She added: ''My theory is that they allow themselves to be influenced by their husbands saying 'this doesn't look good on you'. But what do husbands know? Exactly!

''The only time my husband Pierot had the courage to raise an eyebrow and mention something I was wearing was when I got some very, very wide Margiela trousers.''