GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose was "taken off guard" when he found out the band's legal team was threatening to sue drinks manufacture Dr Pepper over their botched promotional deal with the band.
The singer insists he had nothing to do with the decision to threaten legal action against officials at the beverage company, after a planned soft drink giveaway went awry.
Company officials refused to believe the band would release their long awaited LP this year (08), and offered to hand out cans of soda to every U.S. citizen if the record hit shelves before 2009.
The group released the album in November (08) after a 15 year wait and drinks bosses set up an internet scheme which encouraged people to register at the brand's website on the day of the LP's release (23Nov08) to claim a coupon redeemable for a can of pop.
But the huge demand crashed the site's servers and left many fans without their vouchers. Lawyers for the band insisted the promotion was not good enough and sent several letters to company officials demanding an apology.
But Rose is adamant that the decision to publicly chastise Dr Pepper chiefs was nothing to do with him - as he was too busy promoting the new LP to care.
He writes on the band's official website, "The actions taken so far had nothing to do with me and I was taken off guard as I had specifically told our team, 'Who f**king cares?! Right now we have a record to deal with.' My feelings are after their public response. It was cute. Maybe the guy who got it rolling originally meant well, but it turned out sour and maybe it's just me, but he seems like maybe he wants a bit too much attention..."