GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose has laughed off reports he has cancelled interviews to promote the band's new album CHINESE DEMOCRACY because he is suffering a fear of people.
The LP - which took 15 years to complete and release - entered at number three in the Billboard chart at the beginning of this month (Dec08) with disappointing sales of 261,000.
A source tells the New York Post that Rose has refused to promote the floundering disc due to the crippling effects of "anthropophobia".
A music industry insider tells the newspaper, "He has fired his management company, Front Line, three times in four weeks.
"He hasn't left his Los Angeles home in two months. He won't give interviews, won't do talk shows, or perform - which makes touring or promoting very difficult, obviously."
But the rocker's spokesperson, Larry Solters, denies Rose has returned to his reclusive ways, adding, "He has not been diagnosed with anthropophobia. He hasn't fired Front Line, and no interviews have been cancelled."