GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose insists the band's comeback album hasn't flopped yet - he plans to sell millions more copies during a long tour to promote the release. Chinese Democracy was released in November (08), a full 15 years after Rose began work on it.
Despite a huge amount of hype, the disc failed to top the U.S. charts and has been considered a flop - with many blaming Rose for refusing to appear publicly to promote it.
But, in a new interview with Billboard magazine, the rocker insists he never planned to hit number one straight away - revealing the band intend to sell more albums during a long promotional tour.
Rose says, "Our approach, for better or worse, has always been to work the record over the course of the following tour cycles."
The star is angry the media have dismissed Chinese Democracy as a failure and criticised him for not giving interviews - and annoyed with the way bosses at his record label Universal handled negative publicity surrounding the release.
He adds, "The opinions expressed or 'jumped' on publicly regarding promotion seem to be (about) my or our involvement with mainstream media - talk shows, rock magazines and dot-coms - which have generally held negative public stances toward myself or the band for years.
"In regard to our promotion, it was based around certain agreements with Universal, Interscope, our management and legal (teams) that unfortunately never happened."