Reclusive GUNS N' ROSES rocker Axl Rose amazed his friend Sebastian Bach when he agreed to sing on two songs for the ex-Skid Row star's upcoming solo album. BLABBERMOUTH.NET reported perfectionist Rose is still working on the long-overdue Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy, the band's first disc of original material in 14 years. So when Rose agreed to sing backing vocals on two tracks, including upcoming single (Love Is) A Bitchslap, for Bach's solo album Angel Down, his friend was stunned. Bach says, "Basically, the collaboration with me and Axl started when he asked me last December (06). I was at his house and he was playing me the new Chinese Democracy album - actually, there's more than one; there's, like, four - but he was playing a song called Sorry. "And I started singing a high harmony on the chorus of this song and he flipped out, and he goes, 'That sounds great. I want you to sing that on the record.' "So in January, I sang the chorus of this song Sorry, and it came out really, really amazing. So now that I'm finishing my record, just for the fun of it, when I got to LA, I just texted Axl, 'Hey, dude, when are you gonna come and sing on my record?' I was just joking. I didn't think he would do that. "And his response was, 'When? Where? What time? Where is the studio? What time do you want me there?' I was, like, 'You've gotta be f**king kidding me.' "He sings two songs on the record."