Singer Joey lost her battle with terminal cancer on 4 March (16), and was buried on the Feeks' family farm in Pottsville, Tennessee on 10 March (16).

Rory then travelled to her hometown of Alexandra in Indiana, with the couple's two-year-old daughter, also called Indiana, to attend a special memorial service, which was held in his late wife's high school gymnasium.

"We took one final tour-bus ride home," Rory wrote on his website. "To Joey's town. To grieve with and celebrate with the people in her community. And to lift up one of their own with tears and joy and songs and speeches."

The country singer was heartfelt in his thanks to the local community in his wife's hometown, where the couple stayed while Joey was receiving hospice care in the last few months of her life, reports.

"I never paid for a piece of pizza while we were there the past five months," he continued. "Or an oil change. Or hardly even a meal at a restaurant. I've been hugged by cashiers at Home Depot (hardware store) and had people cry in my arms in the produce aisle of the grocery store.

"I've had waitresses pray with me in restaurants and neighbors drop off home cooked meals day-and-night to the house we were staying in. People just want to help. They feel your hurt and want to share your pain. They made something hard, a little easier."

The service featured speeches from friends of the family, and was hosted by gospel singers Bill and Gloria Gaither. Rory revealed that the day was "hard and beautiful", but was grateful for the enormous outpouring of love that he and his daughter have received.

"A few minutes before, as Indy was still napping, I sat in the back hallway of the bus and did my best to come up with a few words to say... to thank this town and to lift up my beautiful bride and this community," Rory recalled of the service.

"After I spoke, Indy and I stood and watched a video honoring her mama. It was hard and beautiful to watch at the same time. The whole day was so special. Thank you to everyone who was there and to everyone who wished they could be there with us.

"Like me, I know my wife would've found a way to see the beauty in this sad day."