Members of one-hit-wonder rock act the ROMANTICS are suing the bosses of Activision Publishing, claiming the musicians they've used on hit videogame Guitar Hero Encore, Rocks the 80's sounds too much like them. The videogame bosses used a covers band to re-record the Romantics' What I Like About You, but the real band insists the cut sounds just like them. In a suit, filed in Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday (20Nov07), group members Coz Anler, Wally Palmar and Mike Skill claim the sound-alike recording improperly imitates the band's sound. The Romantics go on to claim the recording confuses consumers into believing that the band actually recorded the music and endorsed the product. The bandmates are demanding the accounting of all profits and compensatory and punitive damages. They also request that the game is pulled from sale until the matter is settled.