Roman Kemp is jealous that his dad Martin Kemp has more followers on Twitter than he does.

The 26-year-old Captial FM DJ holds a grudge over the fact his 58-year-old dad - who is the bassist in Spandau Ballet - has almost double the number of followers on the microblogging site.

And to make matters worse, half of his 83.9K followers are also big fans of Martin, who has 196K followers.

When asked if it bothered him that his 'Gold' hitmaker dad is more popular on Twitter, Roman told Alex Zane: ''Yea! How can it not. I always say this because half of my followers have either got the words Spandau, Gold or True in their @ handles, so basically I have got a quarter of his followers, but yea it's annoying.''

Meanwhile, the radio host - whose mother is singer Shirlie Holliman - also admitted that his biggest guilty pleasure on the social media platform is reading the ''ludicrous'' tweets of Piers Morgan and Donald Trump.

Speaking at Samsung KX's 'Thread Talks' on Monday (28.10.19) said: ''I got to say, I still follow him... Piers Morgan just because you have all these lovely people on Twitter, and you also got to have someone who is like Piers with his prodding stick.

''You've got to have people like Trump, so that we can all, for a second, chill out amongst each other and laugh at someone who's being absolutely ludicrous, so yea I would say those people.''