Roksanda Ilinčić says colour is a ''strong part'' of her ''DNA''.

The 47-year-old Serbian fashion designer - who founded her own eponymous label and set up her first store in 2014 - has admitted a colourful collection is ''important'' to her and is vital to her brand because it is a characteristic inspired by her upbringing in Belgrade.

Speaking in a video with British Vogue, the creative mastermind - who received the Red Carpet Designer award at the British Elle Style Awards in 2013 - said: ''Colour is so important to me. I think it is such a strong part of my DNA. I feel I brought colour from back home. I grew up in a country with lots of sun and fruits, everything.''

And the mogul has admitted she has ''always'' wanted to work with vibrant shades to create ''a new type of beauty''.

She added: ''I wanted always to discover something else, something clashing, that will create a new type of beauty.''

Roksanda feels privileged her designs have been worn by celebrities including Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Asked about her clientele, she said: ''It was absolutely incredible. I think those moments are really reward hard work, to see so many incredible women wearing it, not just once, but over and over again and coming back to it, it's really, really, special.''

The entrepreneur felt ''so lucky'' to launch her debut store three years ago with David Adjaye, and she believes her own garments share ''similarities'' with the store.

Roksanda - who studied architecture and design at the University of Arts in Belgrade - said: ''I was so lucky to do this store with incredible David Adjaye you can see many similarities between the clothes and what the store is saying.

''I think it was a modern femininity that I was trying to convey.''

And the businesswoman has hinted the ''diversity of people'' in England's capital has inspired people to develop their own style.

She said: ''London is an incredible diversity of people that are coming from all over the world, they're bringing their cultures, their different point of views, their different point of dressing. You see all the wealth of possibilities and how open minded London was. And I still think that is what is making London special.''