The 69 year old hit headlines on Wednesday (29Apr15) when it emerged a friend named James Newton had filed court papers seeking a conservatorship over the bassist, claiming the star had become a victim of spousal abuse.

Newton further alleged that the rocker's wife Lana was frivolously spending all of Meisner's money.

The couple has since dismissed the accusations, speculating that Newton is working with others to break the pair up and take their money.

A TMZ cameraman caught the rocker and his wife leaving a diner in Studio City, California on Wednesday evening and they both admitted the conservatorship news had come as a "surprise".

Meisner said, "I can't believe that they're doing this to tell you the truth. They want me to die so they can get the money."

His wife Lana adds, "I think they want me out of the picture so they're trying to make it look like I'm doing something, I guess, to hurt Randy."

The couple has yet to explore its legal options, but Lana is adamant her partner is doing well after previously turning his back on drink and drugs.

She continues, "We haven't talked to an attorney, we're just stunned by the whole thing, so when we talk to an attorney then we'll know what we're gonna do. We can't believe it... He's not drunk and he's not dying so they can stop circling him."