DROID frontman JAMES EASON has announced he's quitting the heavy metal band to pursue other musical projects.
Departing Eason, a founding member of the group, has apologised to fans who have been waiting for the band to put out a follow-up to 2007's album Droid, released after they signed to Korn rocker James Shaffer's record label.
But he's hoping his exit will allow him to focus on recruiting new bandmates for a different project.
He says, "I have spent the last 10-plus years in the band Droid so this is no easy decision for me (but) I have chosen to move on in (a) positive direction.
"My number one regret is that the Droid fans have had to wait so long for a second record, and then receive this news. Wherever I end up, I promise to make up for their super-long wait. You can count on that.
"I am looking for musicians who are driven, focused and hungry - these are the kinds of musicians I am looking for to play with as of now."