Murdered rocker DARRELL 'DIMEBAG' ABBOTT's longtime girlfriend is helping to keep the guitarist's legacy alive by releasing segments of home videos the former PANTERA star religiously shot before he was gunned down. RITA HANEY, who dated the DAMAGEPLAN star for 20 years before he was fatally shot during a concert in December 2004, has collected all the rocker's home movies and plans to release them this summer (06). The first issue, DIMEVISION, VOL 1: THAT'S THE FUN I HAVE, features footage from parties Abbott and Haney hosted at their home in Arlington, Texas. Haney says, "Darrell never went anywhere without a video camera... This is like the family being at home through the holidays and parties and things like that. "(There are) people passing out and gettin' set on fire... Darrell had a very amusing way of making you see the world." The DVD will be released on Big Vin Records, the company launched by Abbott's brother VINNIE PAUL.