Hollywood star CHRISTINA RICCI starved and burned herself as a teenager - because she hated her voluptuous body so much.

The MONSTER actress used to practice self-mutilation and suffered from anorexia at 14. In later years she ate just one day in three and jogged ten kilometres (six miles) daily as her weight plummeted to 38 kilograms (six stone).

Ricci, now 24, says, "I used to burn myself. I was in a lot of emotional pain.

"When you're a teen unable to accept how much pain you're in, physical pain gives you justification."

However, with the help of boyfriend Adam Goldberg, Ricci has been able to fight her personal demons over her body.

She explains, "I've accepted my body now. When someone loves you and loves your body, you feel sexy."

02/07/2004 13:58