Riccardo Tisci counts Rei Kawakubo and Miuccia Prada as ''punk'' designers.

The creative director of Givenchy has worked with Andrew Bolton to curate a new show, 'Punk: Chaos to Couture', at the New York Metropolitan Museum and says some of the people he considers to continue the aesthetic of punk design aren't those most obviously associated with it.

He told WWD: ''For me the ones that are most punk are the ones that don't use the classic punk icon images, but really they are punk inside.

''Like Rei Kawakubo or Miuccia Prada. She is very bourgeois, but she is punk in her own way. Punk is really about the attitude for me.''

Andrew added he sees a ''strong similarity'' between haute couture and punk.

He said: ''I've always felt there is such a strong similarity between haute couture and punk; punk was about creating one-off pieces. You might buy a jacket from a store and customise it; you're the only one in the world with that jacket. I love the idea of DIY, the idea of handcraftsmanship.

''So with Riccardo's work, I looked at pieces that, instead of using traditional haute couture embroidery or feathers or lacework or leather, are using punk materials and hardware.''

The new exhibition was celebrated at the Met Ball 2013 on Monday evening (06.05.13), where stars shocked on the red carpet with their new edgy hairstyles and outfits.

Nicole Richie and Anne Hathaway caused the most number of jaws to drop when they debuted their newly dyed hair, the former turning grey and the latter opting for platinum blonde.