Civil rights activist REVEREND AL SHARPTON has blasted allegations he demanded money from hip-hop producer DR. DRE to end a disagreement between rival rappers 50 Cent and The Game.
Bruce Williams, a confidant of the superproducer and author of a recently-released book about him, claims Sharpton issued an ultimatum to Dre to end the long-running feud between the two stars in early 2005, shortly after The Game had been axed from 50 Cent's G-Unit crew.
Sharpton is alleged to have challenged the Forgot About Dre hitmaker to settle the pair's discrepancies and pay up $500,000 (GBP250,000), or he would lead a National Action Network (NAN) march and call for fans to boycott the stars' music.
But Sharpton and representatives for his NAN organisation have staunchly denied the claims.
In a statement issued to, they say: "The National Action Network and Reverend Al Sharpton were not involved with and did not attend a press conference held by Hip-Hop artists The Game and 50 Cent to announce their truce and donation to charities.
"At no point has Reverend Al Sharpton or an authorised representative of National Action Network met with Dr. Dre."
The Game and 50 Cent held a joint press conference in May 2005 to publicly declare a truce. They also made a combined donation of $253,500 (GBP126,750) to the Boys Choir of Harlem, New York.
However, the two rappers have since reignited their feud.