JOHN C. REILLY bonded with his new movie dad on the set of STEP BROTHERS after the actors realised they had met when the MAGNOLIA star was only four.
When Reilly and Richard Jenkins learned they both hailed from Chicago, Illinois they started chatting about life in the Windy City and Jenkins quickly realised he once worked for Reilly's father.
Reilly explains, "I mentioned that my dad was involved in the linen business and we were almost done with the movie at that point.
"He said, 'Wait a minute, what was your dad's name?' And I said, 'John,' and he said, 'John Reilly? I worked for your father!'
"We had this crazy moment where we realised that he had met me when I was four years old. He helped my dad put his boat up in some lake in Wisconsin and he worked for him for a summer."